With Las Vegas, Kentucky Derby hitting the list in the US, you may be enjoying the legalised gambling rights if you’re at the right place. The competition for supremacy prevails, Macau vouches for topping the charts and being the ‘Mecca of the gambling world.’

Similarly, the Australian peninsula races for beating the slots. Not to mention Spain’s extravagance at the lottery, online casino singapore anything to be bet for. This all leaves us into a dilemma to learn more on who to be declared the masters of the Gambling world.


Gaming: Horse-racing, pokie

Horse-racing, pokie

Though in the land area, Australia occupies a humongous geographic location, the demography it populates is less. Despite the low population, a vast number of pokie machines make up the clubs, casinos, and pubs of the subcontinent.

With over 200,000 slots, it is the pokie capital of the world. A 2014 report suggests that Australia has spent a total of 16.3 billion AUD on gambling, out of which 9.8 billion was spent only on the pokie.


Games: Casino (Punto banco, roulette)

Singapore would be the least expected nation in the list, but they occupy a place in the rankings. Economist reports that Singapore’s per capita loss was $1200 sent quite comparable to its counterpart in Australia at a $1300 per head.

Casino (Punto banco, roulette)

So, what causes all this love for gambling in Singapore? The answer lies in the mega-casino resorts of the land. This gives gambling a pompous and popular hit in the country.


Games: Poker, casino, sports betting, horseracing, lottery

With a loss of about $119 billion in gambling in 2013, the United States has always kept its mark in the field. To top it all, Las Vegas leads in legalised laws in favour of gambling.

Most states of the US have some form of legalised gambling sport ranging from the lottery to casino. California and Florida even have legalised poker rooms. Nevada and New Jersey have recently come up with online gambling sites for its inhabitants.


Games: Sports betting, bingo, casino, lottery, horseracing

The UK spearheads online gambling in Europe. It endows a resident with complete Internet gambling facilities such as casinos, bingo, and sports betting. The Gambling Compliance Research Services reports the UK online gambling industry in 2019 is worth €5.3 billion.

At the same time, when juxtaposed to Australia, the gamblers here forfeit much-reduced pet capita on gambling, which is around $400. These figures might bewilder you considering the scrapping off of tax on gambling in the UK.

The National Lottery, established in 1994, is etched in the heart of UK gamblers to this very day. The Europe-wide Euro Millions draw is also equally popular. The operator Camelot said that they witnessed a massive €7.2 million worth tickets being sold and over €4 million dispensed as winnings.

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