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Smoke E-Cigs On The Golf Course

Electronic cigarettes are marketed as a product that is safer than the usual tobacco cigarette. True that e-cigs contain much less nicotine than tobacco cigarettes, but are they 100% safe? New studies conducted in the U.S. shows that e-cigs deliver a cocktail of toxic chemicals including carcinogens into the lungs. It can even make bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics. This is surely a fact to be concerned by most of the electronic cigarette smokers. This article will discuss the health implications of e-cigs.

The electronic cigarette was developed a few years ago so that avid tobacco smokers can cut down on the intake of nicotine. The device heats up a liquid that the user inhales. It is true that the e-cigarette is less toxic than the traditional tobacco cigarette. But it is not 100% safe as most of us believed it to be. E-cigarettes deliver a higher level of nano-particles which can trigger inflammation in the lungs and asthma as a result. Numerous studies have shown that electronic cigarettes contain what are known as lung irritants. These irritants are responsible for causing various lung diseases. This is one of the major problems of vaping an electronic cigarette, though companies like vapor shops in St Louis MO, may not know it yet.

These irritants can transform into something more worrisome. They are called carbonyls. Carbonyls contain cancer causing chemicals such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. The early generation of e-cigarettes didn’t deliver the same powerful hit of nicotine as the traditional tobacco cigarette does. The engineers found a solution to this issue by allowing the user to increase the e-cigarette’s voltage. Thus the temperature would be increased to atomize more nicotine per puff. This higher temperate can trigger the thermal breakdown of solvents. This can result in producing carbonyls. These compounds in the smoke will really be a concern if they find a way into the lungs. Many biologists believe that particle size and count are key in this regard. Vapers can inhale huge numbers of tiny particles of aerosols which will be deposited in the tinniest airways in the lungs. This can cause various lung problems later on as these airways are pivotal in moving air into the lungs.


Other than nicotine and solvents, the e-liquid contain chemical flavors and food preservatives. These compounds have been recognized as being safe when ingested. No experiment has been done about their safety where inhalation is concerned. This is another risk of vaping an e-cigarette. Electronic cigarette vapors can make dangerous germs harder to kill. One reason for this is germs exposed to nicotine vapors will secrete a thicker bio-film coating to protect themselves. This is another major concern of smoking an electronic cigarette.

As you are able to see, an electronic cigarette is not 100% safe as most of you would like to believe. Even though it is much safer than the traditional tobacco cigarette, it comes with a health hazard. Hence anyone vaping an electronic cigarette is not 100% safe from acquiring lung diseases in the future. Vaping should be done on your own risk.

STD Testing And Golf?

If you are concerned that you may have contracted an STD, the last thing you want to worry about is searching for a site to be tested. Believing that you may have a STD can be a very stressful time. Fortunately, there is information below to make this an easier process for you so that you can get the help that you need as soon as possible if your trying to get STD testing in Chicago or anywhere else.

A STD, now sometimes referred to as a STI, is a very serious condition that you need to be treated as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are now tests that can determine whether or not you have one within just a few days, and there are some places that will do this testing for free. If you think you may have one you need to find out for sure right away.

One great resource for free or reduce rate testing is any Planned Parenthood location. They are happy to provide you with free or low cost testing while being very discreet and respectful. There is no shame in protecting others from contracting an STD by testing yourself. They will also counsel you on safe practices so that you do not put yourself at risk in the future.

Another great resource is your local health department. Most locations have a nurse on duty everyday to provide this type of testing, and again, it can be free or very low cost, depending on your income and their practices. They are also very discreet and have other resources you can use so that you do not have another scare in the future.


If you are not worried about the cost as much as dealing with your physician regarding this sensitive issue, a private firm is a great place to go. One of the most prominent of these in Chicago is STD Testing Chicago. They are able to test and provide the right treatment plan, as would your doctor, without the embarrassment of dealing with someone you see regularly. They are also conveniently located throughout the area.

Another company that provides these tests is STD Test Express. They give you the option to set up testing online so you need only come in for your appointment, which allows you to avoid the uncomfortable waiting that can accompany STD testing in many situations. They understand the timely importance of your concern and will get you in quickly so that you can know whether or not you have a STD as soon as possible.

Worrying about the possibility of having a STD can be a very stressful time. It is not a time that you want to stress about where to go to get the information that you need. Now that you have read the above article you know that you have a number of options to find out where you stand. Now, do not waste another minute and decide which option is right for you. This is a matter of your long term health.

How to Find an Awesome Golf Travel Bag

Finding the best golf travel bags can be achieved through the same methods as any other item these days. The first place to look is online, and if that fails to produce the desired results, hitting the shops in person will almost certainly do the trick. Before trying to find the perfect golf travel bag, the best thing to do is make a list of the features you are looking for and determine how much you are willing to spend. Having a good idea of what you want can help you narrow down your online search and lead to greater success in your first attempts.

Where to look online for the most awesome golf travel bag.

The biggest sites to start your search on are; Amazon, eBay, and Overstock. These three sites are the biggest sources for finding both new and used items at unbelievable better pricing than you can often find at local stores. They are also the three best laid out sites available with detailed search options and flexible payment options as well. Shipping can vary wildly on eBay items, and Overstock can offer competitive flat rates for certain price ranges and categories of items. Amazon, though, offers the best potential shipping rates for both their Prime and non Prime members.


When online searching fails, the only other option is shopping in person.

At times, the only thing you can find online is a particular model of something. If searching the three biggest online retailing sites does not yield results, then your next option is search for item from local outlets. Knowing the major shops around you, you can find their sites and search for the golf travel bag there. You may of found a model you like but it was not available at the time through one of the major sites. Sometimes you can find luck going through more specialized retailers and even get discounts by purchasing it online and picking it up in person from the local store. Often times, the last place you can go in your search for an awesome golf travel bag is the local thrifts. While they are the least likely of places, sometimes you can find absolute treasures. Luggage is one of the most donated items, aside from clothing, and many times you can find nearly brand new luggage and bags

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Just wanted to have a post on the first page, check out the about page to read more info on how great this blog will be!

I just wanted to say that I have been very disappointed in the PGA tour lately. I mean it’s no NFL, but there have been some major hiccups with drugs, alcohol, and abuse as well. Everyone knows about Tiger, but other athletes have gone under the radar and I think it’s horrible. As a society we are pushing these kids too far toward partying instead of being contributing members of society. We definitely need to revolutionize the way we think in the 21st century.

Anyways, that’s my two cents. My next post definitely will be better put together and not as dark, so stay posted :).

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